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Interest Groups



Listed below are the SGIM interest groups by title and contact information. Some interest groups have online communities on GIM Connect.  Click here to browse communities.  You must be an SGIM member to participate in the interest group. 



 Academic General Internal Medicine in Latin America  Contact: Alicia Fernandez, MD
 Academic Hospitalists  Contact: Milda Saunders, MD, MPH
 Academic Physician Administrators and Leaders  Contact: Tom Staiger, MD
 Adults with Complex Conditions Originating in Childhood  Contact: Joseph Truglio, MD
 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) Use  Contact: Jeanette Tetrault, MD
 Ambulatory Care Education of Medical Students
 Contact: Harish Jasti, MD, MS, FACP
 Ambulatory Handoffs  Contact: Amber Pincavage, MD
 Anticoagulation-Thromboembolism  Contact: Scott Kaatz, DO, MSc
 Arts and Music  Contact: Linda Canty, MD
 Balance in Academic Medicine  Contact: Jessica Campbell, MD, MA
 Cancer Research  Contact: Jenny Lin, MD, MPH
 Clinical and Translational Science Awards  Contact: Joel Tsevat, MD, MPH
 Clinical Examination  Contact: Sheri Keitz, MD, PhD
 Clinical Reasoning  Contact: Reza Sedighi Manesh, MD
 Community-Based Participatory Research  Contact: Jeff Whittle, MD, MPH
 Complementary and Alternative Medicine  Contact: Bennett Lee, MD, MPH
 Complex Care Management  Contact: Rose Kakoza, MD
 Criminal Justice and Health  Contact: Nicole Redmond, MD, PhD, MPH
 Cross Cultural Communication and Medical Care  Contact: Michael Nathan, MD
 Dermatology in Internal Medicine  Contact: Vinod Nambudiri, MD, MBA
 Diabetes  Contact: Nisa Maruthur, MD, MHS
 Educational Handoffs  Contact: Stewart Babbott, MD
 Educational Technology  Contact: John Voss, MD
 Educators of Medical Students  Contact: Lisa Bernstein, MD
 Ethics  Contact: Lisa Rucker, MD
 Evidence-Based Practice  Contact: David Feldstein, MD
 Evolution and Medicine  Contact: Mark Schwartz, MD
 Faculty Development  Contact: Jeremy Smith, MD
 Fellowship Directors  Contact: Geetanjali Chander, MD
 Genetics and Personalized Medicine  Contact: P.Preston Reynolds, MD, PhD
 Geriatrics  Contact: Nancy Schoenborn, MD 
 GIM Fellow and Junior Faculty Forum
 Contact: Meredith Niess, MD, MPH
 General Internal Medicine (GIM) Fellowship  Contact: Elena Lebduska, MD
 Global Health and Human Rights  Contact: P.Preston Reynolds, MD, PhD
 Health Literacy  Contact: Sunil Kripalani, MD, MSc
 Health Policy  Contact: Thomas Staiger, MD
 Health Policy Learning Collaborative
 Contact: Cara Litvin, MD, MS
 Hepatitis C  Contact: Lesley Miller, MD
 High Value Care
 Contact: Anthony Accurso, MD
 HIV/AIDS  Contact: Oni Blackstock, MD
 Homeless Healthcare  Contact: Margot Kushel, MD
 House Calls  Contact: M. Victoria Kopke, MD
 Hypertension  Contact: Gerald Denton, MD
 Integrating Communication Skills Teaching into Med Ed  Contact: William Iverson, MD
 Integrative Medicine  Contact: Robert Graham, MD, MPH
 International Medical Graduates  Contact: Shakaib Rehman, MD, FACP, FAACH
 Interprofessional Education  Contact: Laura Hanyok, MD
 Junior Faculty and Fellows Forum  Contact: Cristina Gonzalez, MD
 Junior Faculty Women's Leadership
 Contact: Elizabeth Schulwolf, MD
 LGBT Health  Contact: Rita Lee, MD
 Lifestyle Medicine
 Contact: Camille Clarke, MD
 Medical Informatics  Contact: Lipika Samal, MD
 Medical Resident Clinic Directors  Contact: Lee Lu, MD, FACP
 Mental Health in Medicine  Contact: Ian Kronish, MD, MPH
 Mentoring in Academic Medicine  Contact: Radhika Ramanan, MD, MPH
 Minorities in Medicine  Contact: Marshall Fleurant, MD , MPH
 Contact: Melissa Wei, MD, MPH
 Contact: Claudia Campos, MD
 Muslim Health Care
 Contact: Umna Ashfaq, MD
 Obesity Prevention and Treatment in GIM  Contact: Melanie Jay, MD, MS
 Obstetric Medicine  Contact: Mike Carson, MD
 Opioids Free Practice  Contact: Shilpa Brown, MD
 Optimal Optimization Approaches for Clinicians' EMR Practice
 Contact: Stewart Babbott, MD, FACP
 Pain Medicine  Contact: Joanna Starrels, MD, MS
 Palliative Medicine   Contact: Stephanie Harman, MD
 Part-Time Careers  Contact: Rachel Levine, MD, MPH
 Patient Centered Medical Home  Contact: Reena Gupta, MD
 Perioperative Medicine/Medical Consultation  Contact: Kurt Pfeifer, MD, FACP
 Personal-Professional Balance  Contact: Rachel Levine, MD
 Personalized Medicine and the General Internist  Contact: Preston Reynolds, MD, FACP
 Physician Well-Being Research  Contact: Jonathan Ripp, MD
 Physician Wellness and Work Life Balance  Contact: Doreen Mensahhinds, MD
 Physicians Against Violence  Contact: Nielufar Varjavand, MD
 Primary Care Program Directors  Contact: Karen Chacko, MD
 Public Health Education  Contact: Jillian Catalanotti, MD, MPH
 Quality Improvement Training and Education
 Contact: Sandhya Rao, MD
 Quality and Safety Improvement  Contact: Neilufar Varjavand, MD
 Research on Careers  Contact: Sara Poplau
 Resident Research Directors  Contact: Michael Rothberg, MD, MPH
 Shared Decision Making  Contact: Kathleen Fairfield, MD, DrPH
 Social Responsibility  Contact: Oliver Fein, MD
 Student and Resident  Contact: Emily Mullen, MD
 Teachers of Leadership  Contact: April Fitzgerald, MD
 Teaching Social Determinants of Health  Contact: Thuy Bui, MD
 Transfers, Handoffs and Sign-Out  Contact: Charlie Wray, DO
 Transitional Care for Youth with Chronic Disease  Contact: Gregg Talente, MD
 Trans-Pacific Initiative of Generalists in Redesigning Health Care  Contact: Toshio Naito, MD, PhD
 VA Primary Care  Contact: Rebecca Shunk, MD
 Women's Caucus  Contact: Melanie Jay, MD, MS
 Women's Health Education   Contact: Pelin Batur, MD
 Women's Health Initiative  Contact: Neeli Thati, MD